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When you visit Stratford Toyota, you can count on us to take good care of you and your vehicle. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering quality service using only Toyota Genuine Parts.

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Toyota Genuine Parts

Genuine Toyota Parts are the best way to service and repair your vehicle and protect your investment. Who better to know what fits and works best on your vehicle than the Manufacturer who designed it?

4 Reasons Why I Need to Maintain My Vehicle

You’ve probably heard that proactively maintaining your car can drastically improve its life, BUT do you know how much? The alternative can be a scary realization. Consider the small cost of maintenance over time compared to the potentially back breaking repair expense.

  1. It’s the smart choice, Are you smart? Maintaining your new or used car has long term value.
  2. Saving Money! Nobody likes spending more than they have to, by maintaining your car you can get increased longevity from your car parts. Wearable parts such as brakes & tires can be extended with a little maintenance..
  3. Timing – Closely related to saving money, doing routine maintenance can be a fraction of the current cost for large repairs. By planning ahead you can save yourself the shock of a large repair bill.
  4. Resale or Trade In Value – A well maintained vehicle is worth far more on trade or for sale then a car that’s not. Cars are expensive, so take care of your investment. Do you have a question about proper vehicle maintenance for your vehicle? Leave your question on our Facebook page.


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